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Free Hourly Rate Calculator

Understanding your price margins

Are you struggling to work out how much you should be earning based on your current price margins? Have you tried balancing the books only to find you’re not quoting enough for jobs? Or does your business’ revenue fluctuate, despite offering the same service and seeing the same, or even higher than normal, interest?

If so, this above tutorial is going to help you MASSIVELY.


How to set a price for your service.

Maybe you came off the tools a few years ago and are now basing your current quote off what you remember as a tradie.

Or perhaps you’ve been shopping around, asking others what they quote for their business.

But here’s the thing — unless you have a deep understanding of ALL the elements that eat into your time and pocket, your price quote is only ever going to be an estimate at best.

Your price quote is unique to your business alone, and is based on your labour costs, location, employees and other variables.  And unless you can carry all those variables in your head, the price you quote will only reflect a fraction of the true cost.

Never guess again when it comes to price quotes.

The hourly calculator covered in this video is going to help you calculate:

Free Hourly Rate Calculator

From calculating your total price quote, you’ll find your job is going to cost you up to 2-2.5 times what you pay your staff. 

With the hourly rates calculator, you can be sure you’re allowing for all of the costs of your business so as to arrive at proper price margins — not just for this week, but ongoing yearly, covering you in case of missed work, accidents, leave types and any other likely eventuality. 

Have a price plan in place for your business. Check out the hourly calculator video and download your version of the calculator today, to start price quoting properly.

Price quoting got you stressed?

Don’t worry about it! We’re professional quantity surveyors with years of industry training and a head for numbers. If you want help quoting your next job, without stressing about doing it yourself in the evenings, click below. We’ll even give you your first job for FREE out of good will, just to show you how much time we can save your business.